microTAS 2023

Dr. Kim presented on a microfabricated onsite analyzer for biomarkers (MOAB), specifically designed for astronaut health monitoring, at the microTAS 2023.


Dr. Kim visited Chungbuk National University and the Korean Aerospace Research Institute to share our research in astrobiology and astronaut health monitoring research.

Farewell party for Zach

Lab lunch for Zach`s last day at the U. Sandia National Lab is lucky to have you! Let’s gather one last time over lunch to celebrate his contributions and wish him all the best. Stay connected, Zach!

ARVO 2023 at New Orleans

Dr. Kim and Minju will present at ARVO 2023! Dr. Kim will talk about corneal endothelial cell behavior under UV exposure and Minju will present curvature effect of cornea stromal cells!